Sustainable Development by utilizing Local Resources

            How wonderful is the living world! The wide range of living types organism, be it cold mountains, deciduous forests, oceans, fresh water lakes, deserts or hot springs, eave us speechless. The beauty of a galloping horse, deserts or hot springs, eave us speechless. The beauty of a galloping horse, of the migrating birds, the valley of flowers or the attacking elephant evokes awe and a deep sense of wonder. How wonderful our resources are? Human population size has grown enormously over the last hundred years. This means increase in demand for food, water, home, electricity, roads, automobiles and numerous other commodities. These demands are exerting tremendous presser on our natural resources, and are also contributing to pollution of air, water and soil. The need of the hour is to check the degradation and depletion of our precious natural resources and pollution without halting the process of development.

           A solution to all this can only be in human beings becoming more sensitive to these environmental issues. All waste that we generate can be categorized into three types - (a) biodegradable, (b) recyclable and (c) The non-biodegradable. Next question is how to utilize these wastes? The only solution is to utilize local resources. Local resources are persons and materials  available in our immediate surroundings. Persons include skilled workers, teachers, health workers, students, governmental and Non Governmental organizations. Materials include machines and wastes. Utilizing these resources following activities can be arranged: 1. Conduct seminars on sorting of garbage., 2. Organize workshops on utilization of biodegradable waste., 3. Organize exhibition of job opportunities in waste manage sector, 4. Arrange debates on "Waste as an alternate source of Energy".

         All activities can organize with expert participation and supervision from various fields. Definitely we get a solution. That is "Eradication Through Utilization"

   Dr. Suresh Chandra Kurup.R
   Zoology HOD


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